#2 Single Release "When You Pray, Move Your Feet" Tim O'Brien

Good News! This is the unveiling of the second single off my Cd ” He Walked On” inspired by our recent explosive national reckoning with racial prejudice and violence, both the ripple effects of harm and the example of those who stood up and fought for equality. This springy album opener, "When You Pray (Move Your Feet)" takes its title from the African proverb that was a favorite of the late Civil Rights hero Congressman John Lewis. (Good Trouble!)

I love this track, and I love the song, if I do say so myself. I get to sing of my love for Jan and of my hope for the world we live in. I also get to hear Odessa Settles gospel riffing against the trio vocal of myself with Jan Fabricius and Shad Cobb, while great instrumentalists Mike Rojas and Bo Ramsey riff over Pete Abbot and Mike Bub’s groove. I only wish I could have gotten John Lewis to reprise his “Happy” TicTok dance over this song he helped me write.

The physical CD’s are here in our home right now and available for presale at www.timobrien.net. You can download and stream the singles from many of your favorite streaming services and the release date for the entire album is June 25th, 2021.
Be safe out there and remember to move your feet! - Tim.