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50 Years entry #2

50 Years entry #2

January 31, 2024

We’re about to leave stormy Glasgow on a prop plane flight to Dublin. I think the last time I flew on one of these was with Danny Barnes maybe 20 years ago. That flight was from Leeds to Dublin, going west over the Irish Sea like we will today.

We had a wonderful turnout at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow last night and Jan and the guys in the band really came through. It was really fun to play that music from “The Crossing” and its follow-up “Two Journeys” after more than 20 years.

Tim's 70th Birthday Celebration 2024

TIM O’BRIEN’S 70th Birthday Celebration!!!!
March 12th and 13th at the Station Inn in Nashville, TN

As my 70th birthday approaches, I plan to comb through 50 years of music while renewing old friendships at two special events in March. Expect some old favorites mixed in with a few brand-new selections in the intimate setting of Nashville’s world-famous Station Inn.

50 Years Entry #1

50 years

Welcome to a special journal marking my 50 years as a musician. The milestone snuck up on me! I’m used to updating promotional bios to include the latest details, but it suddenly occurs to me to document the memories made on the paths I’ve traveled - from my earliest months up to the current day – while singing, playing and writing music. Consider this my first monthly entry.

2024 and more!

2023 was a good year but it’s long gone, and Jan and I look forward to the next three months. The calendar’s full – it looks like a race to my 70th birthday. I’m also marking 50 years in “show business”!

It’s Martin Luther King Day and I’m up before sunrise. We fly to London tomorrow, so maybe I’m pre-adjusting to the time change. Then again, I’m old. I used to stay up ‘til four - now I wake up at five. A couple inches of new snow fell in the night and it looks so peaceful out the window. My hope for the new year: less war in ’24.