Waiting On Tomorrow

Waiting On Tomorrow
Pat McLaughlin
The blue door leads to the studio where a lot of the Short Order Sessions take p

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The Butcher Shoppe - The blue door leads to the #1 studio where a lot of the mixing and recording of
Short Order Sessions take place. www.thebutchershoppestudio.com

Waiting On Tomorrow


Waiting On Tomorrow (Livin’ Life Today)
©2012 Tim O'Brien, No Bad Ham Music / ASCAP

I’m waiting on tomorrow, livin’ my life today
My hands and feet are restless since you went away
The damage has been done now, my heart and soul must pay
I’m waiting on tomorrow, livin’ life today

I told you that I loved you but I showed you otherwise
I cheated on you darlin’, I told so many lies
I watched you pack your bags yeah I saw you drive away
Now all my hopes and dreams belong to yesterday


No answer to my letters, you don’t return my call
I’m lookin’ through the pictures that are hangin’ there on the wall
The whiskey isn’t workin’ and I’m still missin’ you
The bottle’s almost empty, I don’t know what I’ll do


The sun is comin’ up now, it’s time to try again
Wipe away the tears away and try to lift my chin
But one and one is two, and two and two’s still four
It all adds up the same, you don’t want me anymore


Recorded November 25th 2014 at the Butcher Shoppe, Nashville
Engineer David Ferguson
Kenny Malone – percussion
Pat McLaughlin – acoustic guitar, harmony vocal
Dave Roe - bass

Song Notes:

One morning between Hot Rize tours I stopped by David Ferguson’s studio when he was recording a few songs with the guys on this track. He asked me to join in and when he was done it still wasn’t lunch time, so he asked if anybody had anything to sing, so I pulled out this one.

I met recording legend Kenny Malone about 1990 at a session in Nashville and have played a lot with him over the years. Bassist Dave Roe is another Nashville studio stalwart although I’ve rarely recorded with him. I met singer songwriter Pat McLaughlin around 1990 at a Maura O’Connell concert where we were having enough fun to get shushed by members of her reverent audience. All these guys are master groovers. Kenny is playing a customized djembe, and I’m playing Ferg’s Harmony Rocket through his Magnatone amp.

I love the way Pat plays and sings this true down-in-the-dirt hillbilly blues. He’s an underground hero. Don’t miss a chance to hear him live. www.patmclaughlin.com


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