Keith In A Palm Tree

Keith In A Palm Tree


Keith In A Palm Tree by Tim O’Brien / No Bad Ham Music / ASCAP / administered by Bluewater Music.


Recorded March 28, 2013 at the Butcher Shoppe, Nashville
Engineered by David Ferguson
Tim O’Brien – bouzouki and mandolin
Gerry Paul – guitar
Trevor Hutchinson – bass
John Gardner - drums
Chris Scruggs – steel guitar
Jim Hoke – tenor sax

Song Notes:

Here’s a little tropical mandolin riff I made up in the summer of 2006. I named it after Keith Richards, the ultimate Rock and Roll survivor, who at the time had just taken a life-threatening fall from a palm tree in Fiji. One minute and fifty-six seconds into the track, you can actually hear where he hits his head. Listen with a piña colada in your hand, or try it with a can of coconut water if you’re operating heavy machinery.

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