Tim O’Brien Discography

Solo records

Guess Who’s in Town 1977
Hard Year Blues /1983
Odd Man In /1991
Oh Boy O’Boy /1993
Rock In My Shoe /1995
Red On Blonde /1996
When No One’s Around /1997
The Crossing /1999
Two Journeys /2001
Traveler /2003
Fiddler’s Green /2005
Cornbread Nation /2005
Chameleon /2007
Chicken and Egg /2010
Pompadour /2015
Where the River Meets the Road /2017

With Hot Rize

Hot Rize
Radio Boogie
Live In Concert
Hot Rize presents Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers
Traditional Ties
Shades of the Past
Untold Stories
Take Me Home
So Long of a Journey
When I’m Free

With Mollie O’Brien

Take Me Back /1988
Remember Me /1992
Away Out on the Mountain /1994
Reincarnation /2012

With Dirk Powell

Songs From the Mountain /2002

Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott

Real Time /2000
We’re Usually a Lot Better Than This /2012
Memories and Moments /2013

Short Order Sessions

04/21/2015 SOS-07 Sugar Hill
05/05/2015 SOS-08 Dance You Hippy Dance
05/19/2015 SOS-09 The Farmer’s Cursed Wife
05/26/2015 SOS-8.1 My Home Is Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
06/02/2015 SOS-10 Careless Love
06/16/2015 SOS-11 Keith In A Palm Tree
07/07/2015 SOS-12 Go Down To The Water
07/21/2015 SOS-13 Jimmy Brown The News Boy
08/04/2015 SOS-14 At The Ball, That’s All
08/18/2015 SOS-15 Sleepy Eyed Joe
09/04/2015 SOS-16 Six Days On The Road
09/18/2015 SOS-17 Brother Can You Spare A Dime
10/02/2015 SOS-18 There’ll Be No Distinction There
10/16/2015 SOS-19 Rock The Cradle
11/06/2015 SOS-20 The Quail Song
11/20/2015 SOS-21 Sporting Nell, My Sweetheart Jan
12/04/2015 SOS-22 I’ll Be Your Santa Baby
12/18/2015 SOS-23 The Butterfly
01/15/2016 SOS-24 Fair And Tender Ladies
02/19/2016 SOS-25 Origin Of Species
03/04/2016 SOS-26 Bright Sunny South
04/15/2016 SOS-27 Muswell Hillbilly
06/10/2016 SOS-28 When World’s Collide
06/17/2016 SOS-29 Money To Burn
07/15/2016 SOS-30 Mass Rock
08/19/2016 SOS-31 The Drunkard’s Walk
09/16/2016 SOS-32 Three Thin Dimes
10/14/2016 SOS-33 I Still Write Your Name In The Sand
11/11/2016 SOS-34 When Women Get In Power
12/09/2016 SOS-35 Greensleeves
01/20/2017 SOS-36 John Henry
02/17/2017 SOS-37 Sweet Georgia Brown

single releases in digital format: www.shortordersessions.com

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