Tim O’Brien discography

Solo records –
Guess Who’s in Town 1977
Hard Year Blues /1983
Odd Man In /1991
Oh Boy O’Boy /1993
Rock In My Shoe /1995
Red On Blonde /1996
When No One’s Around /1997
The Crossing /1999
Two Journeys /2001
Traveler /2003
Fiddler’s Green /2005
Cornbread Nation /2005
Chameleon /2007
Chicken and Egg /2010
Pompadour /2015
Where the River Meets the Road /2017

With Hot Rize -
Hot Rize
Radio Boogie
Live In Concert
Hot Rize presents Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers
Traditional Ties
Shades of the Past
Untold Stories
Take Me Home
So Long of a Journey
When I’m Free

With Mollie O’Brien:
Take Me Back /1988
Remember Me /1992
Away Out on the Mountain /1994
Reincarnation /2012

With Dirk Powell:
Songs From the Mountain /2002

Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott:
Real Time /2000
We’re Usually a Lot Better Than This /2012
Memories and Moments /2013

Short Order Sessions –
04/21/2015 SOS-07 Sugar Hill
05/05/2015 SOS-08 Dance You Hippy Dance
05/19/2015 SOS-09 The Farmer’s Cursed Wife
05/26/2015 SOS-8.1 My Home Is Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
06/02/2015 SOS-10 Careless Love
06/16/2015 SOS-11 Keith In A Palm Tree
07/07/2015 SOS-12 Go Down To The Water
07/21/2015 SOS-13 Jimmy Brown The News Boy
08/04/2015 SOS-14 At The Ball, That’s All
08/18/2015 SOS-15 Sleepy Eyed Joe
09/04/2015 SOS-16 Six Days On The Road
09/18/2015 SOS-17 Brother Can You Spare A Dime
10/02/2015 SOS-18 There’ll Be No Distinction There
10/16/2015 SOS-19 Rock The Cradle
11/06/2015 SOS-20 The Quail Song
11/20/2015 SOS-21 Sporting Nell, My Sweetheart Jan
12/04/2015 SOS-22 I’ll Be Your Santa Baby
12/18/2015 SOS-23 The Butterfly
01/15/2016 SOS-24 Fair And Tender Ladies
02/19/2016 SOS-25 Origin Of Species
03/04/2016 SOS-26 Bright Sunny South
04/15/2016 SOS-27 Muswell Hillbilly
06/10/2016 SOS-28 When World’s Collide
06/17/2016 SOS-29 Money To Burn
07/15/2016 SOS-30 Mass Rock
08/19/2016 SOS-31 The Drunkard’s Walk
09/16/2016 SOS-32 Three Thin Dimes
10/14/2016 SOS-33 I Still Write Your Name In The Sand
11/11/2016 SOS-34 When Women Get In Power
12/09/2016 SOS-35 Greensleeves
01/20/2017 SOS-36 John Henry
02/17/2017 SOS-37 Sweet Georgia Brown

single releases in digital format –www.shortordersessions.com

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