Booking Agent: Brad Madison
743 Center Boulevard
Fairfax CA 94930 United States
Phone: 415-485-5100
Fax: 415-485-5105

Management: Brad Hunt
The WNS Group
895 County Line Road
Lyndonville, NY 14098
Phone: 585-765-2083
Fax: 585-765-0064
Cell: 845-893-4303

Record Company: Howdy Skies Records
PO Box 41684
Nashville, TN 37204-9908

Inquiries or Website issues contact: Jan Fabricius

Store and Website Orders: Karen Dugmore
PO Box 41684
Nashville, TN 37204-9908

Publishing Administration
Benom Plumb
Manager - Licensing & Administration
Bluewater Music Services Corp.
P.O. Box 120904
1212 16th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212, USA
(Ph) 615-327-0808 ext. 32
(Fax) 615-327-0809
Skype ID: benom.plumb.bluewater

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