Welcome to the new website and forum!

Hey folks, welcome to the new site. We've tried make improvements on a lot of fronts here, and I hope our efforts will result in turning a lot more music fans on to Tim's work. It is also my hope that the new start will encourage a well-populated, lively and informative place for Tim's fans to connect and communicate. Looking forward to being a part of it. Thanks! Chris

Love it!

Love it!

Just rode 800 miles to attend

Just rode 800 miles to attend the Summer String Summit in Weed, California-wonderful performances by Tim and everyone else there. No posters here locally, so the only reason I got to know about it was that I came to the site to get the lyrics to Red Dog in The Morning, and checked to see the tour schedule....I hope you haven't done away permanently with lyrics on the new site.
For me one of the best things about much of Tim's music is that it is truly folk music: simple enough to be playable by amateurs yet possessed of enough substance to merit the attention of masters-modern classics, we might say. Publishing lyrics help keep the music accessible.

Lyrics will be here soon,

Lyrics will be here soon, definitely keeping that feature. Thanks for the comment. Chris

I was at the SSS in Weed as

I was at the SSS in Weed as well. It was amazing. "You ate the apple?..." If you want more info on the SSS concert, go to www.summerstringsummit.com. It really is quite informative. I am looking forward to next years concert. I also hope the lyrics come up soon.

Came here (the "old here") at

Came here (the "old here") at about 10:30 PM last tuesday night and read about SSS in Weed, decided that there were too many monsters for too cheap to stay home. Got on the bike(in Willits) Wednesday morning and just screwed it on...what with back road detours, etc it was about 400 miles each way. I got there late, and was somewhat relieved to find the whole concert was late, so I didn't miss anywhere near as much as I had feared....
Trashed my mind to see how effortless Tim can make the vocals seem. I guess the first 40 years are the hardest.
Mendocino County is a little out of the way for poster of SSS to reach us, and the hall was full without us old time/bluesgrass/newgrass/chambergrass freaks in the far west so I guess I'll just watch for next year's concert and let my friends know.
OliverT- what delayed the concert, do you know? I was amazed to see how quickly and stylishly the acts were changed...

Was it delayed? I didn't

Was it delayed? I didn't notice. I know that there was some last minute changing of the acts. What was the first act. Do you remember? Wait a sec, you rode 800 miles for the concert??? I must say it was amazing. Still, you must be a die-hard. Im impressed. I live about 1000 miles away but I was in town for that week and dicided to go. I know Tristan and Tashina so...

I actually attended the camp so I was up there for Funkytown. That was fun. I had never seen Billy Contreas or Nat Smith or Natalie Haas or... This list goes on. Everyone was amazing. Especialy Tim. Anyway, I think the website. (Afore mentioned) should have info about the 2011 show in a couple of months.
I am still in awe of the concert. It rocked.

When are you online at this site?

Brittany and Tristan came to

Brittany and Tristan came to Redway with Crooked Still last winter to open for Peter Rowan, Natalie came to Ukiah in April with Alastair Frazier. Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties ( the so-called Emerald Triangle) all have pretty good old time/bluegrass audiences... The list of monster musicians of every genre that get to this neighborhood is quite long. Tony Trishka has banjo-playing buddies in Willits with whom I'm told he sometimes gets to visit and play .
I'd never heard the Bee Eaters and I enjoyed them; there was a little bit of what I've come to call "chambergrass" which I thought took itself a little too seriously, but it's thrilling to see people playing just as hard and as far out of the box as they can, just to find out what kind of noise they can make, and what they can hear...
But I would have made the trip just to hear the quality and simplicity Tim and Bruce Molsky put into their work.
I'm here once a day, if I'm in town, to see if anyone else has checked in; don't spend a lot of time online overall...
That was 800 miles round trip-not quite the pilgrimage that it sounds like, but I was glad enough to get off the bike for a when I got home.

Chris - as I wrote via

Chris - as I wrote via e-mail, I heartily agree with zquark about the value of posting Tim's lyrics. It makes his music more accessible - not only for those of us who follow his music closely, but it's nice when introducing Tim's music to others to direct them to a comprehensive site and have them be able to appreciate just how good his writing is - as well as the musicality of it all. My bandmates (Tucker'd Out) give me a hard time when I do my standard O'Brien "commercial" - I tell our audiences to go out and buy a Tim O'Brien CD and if they don't like it I'LL buy it back from them. I haven't had to pony up a single penny yet in four years!

Let me add that musicians also love to know about instruments and what the well known musicians are playing. I'd endorse carrying over that information from the old site...including nifty commentary about how not much money is made beyond the fifth fret...or how (C.Sawtelle) good homes, cars and instruments have a way of finding you.

All the best from Fargo.

It would be nice if the

It would be nice if the recording policy was back online, please.

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