Real Time

Release Date: 
Saturday, March 4, 2000
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Believing that all things -- past and present, east and west, happy and sad, country and western -- exist simultaneously, we offer this pie plate, atom, DNA strand, CD, that contains Tim and Darrell's world. Partial list of contents: two halves of heart-shaped sandwiches (chicken curry with grapes), some sand from a beach trip, love lost and found, Kenny Malone, a slide whistle, a kazoo, two families, five rooms. Sorry, there ain't no easy way.

We sat across from each other and played these songs in real time in Darrell's living room, living there for a week in November, 1999. The sun shone, leaves fell, one day there was rain. Tim got there before ten, left before dinner time.

Take care of yourselves and don't eat anything blue.

1. Walk Beside Me
2. With a Memory Like Mine
3. Weary Blues From Waitin'
4. A House of Gold
5. More Love
6. There Ain't no Easy Way
7. Little Saddie
8. Helen of Troy Pennsylvania
9. Five Rooms
10. Long Time Gone
11. I'm Not Gonna Forget You
12. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burnin'
13. Second Mouse

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by R & T