5. I Gotta Move

I Gotta Move - Tim O’Brien and John Hadley / No Bad Ham Music / ASCAP / Hadley Six Music, admin by Sony / ATV Tree Publishing / BMI

It takes a lot of work to put your home place up for sale
Fix everything that’s broken, stop the paper and the mail
I’m lookin for a smaller place, it won’t be hard to find
But anything that doesn’t fit I have to leave behind

I’ve gotta move that’s all I know
Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, everything must go
Out the door into the van
It’s sad, it’s true I gotta move, but I don’t think I can

I guess one way that I can start is sort stuff into piles
What I’ll keep and what I’ll toss it’s gonna take a while
I have a piano and a dog out in the yard
He loves this place, what can I say, he’s takin this real hard

I’ve got a lot of pictures to take down off the wall
Pack them into boxes, memories and all
I helped her find a new place, it’s fixed up pretty well
I think she’s ok with that sometimes it’s hard to tell

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