1. Pompadour

Pompadour - Tim O’Brien / No Bad Ham Music / ASCAP

They say that life’s a gamble, you can’t know what’s in store
Just when you think it’s one thing, another walks through the door
Thought nothing could surprise me, thought I’d seen it all before
Until that fateful morning I woke up with a pompadour

Most days I wake early, when the birdies start to sing
I’m beside a sleeping beauty, she’s the one who wears my ring
And I tried hard not to wake her, I got up and tiptoed out
But when I looked in the bathroom mirror I gave out a rowdy shout

Pompadour, it was a pompadour

It was not just some bed-head, it did not look like hell
I thought I might be dreaming so I pinched myself to tell
It was like a range of mountains, it swooped high before it fell
It looked like Christopher Walken run amuck with styling gel

Pompadour, a real pompadour

I started thinking different about how I’d spend my day
I would need a suit of rhinestones, that would be the only way
I’d write my name on the neck of my guitar in pearl inlay
It would be worth every penny of the dough I’d have to pay

My ideals were high and mighty but they didn’t last so long
As I read the morning paper things started going wrong
I ran my fingers through my hair and I did for too long
I flattened my pour pompadour but at least I got this song

Pompadour, I woke up with a pompadour

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