1. Diggin' My Potatoes

Diggin My Potatoes by Minnie Lawlars (Universal Music Publishing / BMI)

They been diggin’ my potatoes
Trampin’ on my vine
I’ve got a special plan for you baby
Lord it’s been restin’ on my mind

I don’t want no cabbage sprouts
Bring me a solid head
I’m supposed to call the wagon
If I catch him in my bed

Now my vines all are green by
Taters they’re all red
Never found a bruised one
Til I caught one in my bed

She powdered up her face
Water waved her hair
She grabbed a taxicab
Now she’s out across town somewhere

I’ve been all around
Lookin’ up and down
Lookin’ for that woman
I know she’s in this town

Went to town this morning
Left my gate unlatched
When I come on back home
There’s someone in my tater patch

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