Tim's Blog - U2 concert

Cool that Tim went back stage with U2 and met Bono. In July, I saw Bono do a song simply and effectively from his seat on Dave Letterman's with the Edge guitarist. So much better content than movie stars doing boring interviews about their latest movie, where is the heart in that? I really wish Dave would give good music more time and space on his show like he gave Bono that night. I also saw Del McCoury with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on Late Night with Dave Letterman -- the whole show should have featured these great artists- but no- only 3-5 minutes at the end. Jimmy Fallon does a great job showcasing good music and that's why his show is edgy, current, and fun.
Steve Martin managed to mention the great artist Tim O'Brien's name when he was promoting his album "The Crow " on Letterman. There were too many distractions and the comment was passed over-darn. I'm still waiting to see Tim O'Brien on a major network show like the Late Show, heaven knows Pete "Dr. Banjo" Wernick has been on often enough!

by R & T