O' Briened in Colorado

Hi everyone,
I have been waiting to post until at least a week went by, I can't wait any longer.
WOW!!! is about all I can say!!!
From seeing Tim's performance at Rockygrass last Sunday. To meeting him there & picking up his new album Chicken & Egg. To the moonlight magic at the campgrounds that night & then listening to Chicken & Egg while driving home up the Saint Vrain Canyon Monday... Oh my goodness!! - The river rushing by listening to "My Girl's Waiting For Me" (the melody haunts me). What an experience & a wonderful ride. I even had to ride through one of the oldest cemeteries in Colorado as it is near my house & "Not Afraid O' Dyin'" was blasting from my ragtop, it seemed so appropriate. So did "Old Joe". Made me want to dance in the graveyard... hahaha!
I think I have weaned myself to listening to Chicken & Egg to once a day now - I can't stay in my chair either - I can only dance to it. I have to play "Workin'" on my way in to the job, definitely lightens the mood!
What a circle of light this disc is, it is shining like the Colorado moon.

Tim you have outdone yourself. You, my friend have jumped & spread your wings!
Thank you so much for sharing the magic of your music, playing with your heart & inspiring the rest of us.
I will be dancing for a very long time.
Love from Colorado,

by R & T