Live Recording and Trading Policy

Recording & Trading Policy

To whom it may concern,

Tim endorses audience taping at his shows, subject to some conditions. Those conditions are:

1. Taper agrees to send a CD copy to
Tim O'Brien, PO Box 120215, Nashville TN 37212.

2. Taper recognizes that all commercial rights to the tape or cd belong exclusively to Tim O'Brien. In other words, under no circumstances may anyone, whether it's the taper or anyone else, sell tapes or cds to anyone else.

3. Taper agrees to deal with promoters, venue managers, sound people, and their staff, as well as other audience members, in a low pressure, courteous manner. Make waves and you're out of there!

4. If the artist on the show is billed any way other than "Tim O'Brien", "Tim O'Brien Band", taper must obtain prior permission from other artists listed on billing who are to be taped on the same show. In other words, you can tape me, but you can't tape Steve Earle when I'm his sideman or on a co-bill with him.

5. If taper trades tapes (heaven forbid!) (only joking), he must not edit out the part in my show where I say, "While you're listening to this home burned cd or tape, why not click on to see about purchasing some of my popular studio recordings?"

If taper agrees to the above conditions, he can tape my shows from the audience or from a mixing board feed.

More questions? Email chris[at] or Nashphil (jamgrass[at]

by R & T