Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but when I read some of Tim's interviews about he new project, I thought that it would be something intended just for those of us who are "recidivists" or "repeat offenders" as Tim has quipped (long time fans.)

And I sort of...I dunno...let my guard down, or maybe (gulp!) lowered my expectations.

Then I got my copy... (you know whats comin' next don't ya?)

Blew me away.

What happened was that I had to spend a few days "in the shop" (in hospital) and I took my kids' personal CD player and headphones. The nurses (correctly) thought I was nuts. One minute I was laughing at "You ATE the Apple?" and "Not Afraid of Dyin." But then "Letter in the Mail" had me crying my eyes out.

You see, this Labor Day it will be ten years since my dad died from cancer. He and Tim's dad must have shared very similar attitudes towards life and the end of life.

So, yeah, I was crying but the tears were both bitter and sweet.

This is not the first time that Tim's music has helped me thru a rough patch. Thank ya buddy and fair play to ya.

Yet another great album! Blew

Yet another great album! Blew me away as well.

I've yet to be able to listen to "Letter in the Mail" without crying as well. I'm a father of 4 kids under 14 and even though I'm not in the same place in my life, I still can't help but having this song resonate with me.

Chicken & Egg won't eject

Chicken & Egg won't eject from my car's CD player, I have been seen laughing in a traffic jam on the Garden State Parkway... , I heard Tim do Letter in the Mail at Greyfox and my heart was in his hands while I thought of someone who'd i'd dearly love to be able to still get a letter from that was not rain on my face...

Thank you Tim

same for me, can't listen to

same for me, can't listen to that song without tears in my eyes! Tim's words hit the nail on the do all of them on this album. Wonderful stuff

by R & T