Grand Targhee Festival

Tim O'Brien Band
Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival
Alta WY Saturday 8/13/2011 7:15 MST

Tim O'Brien, Guthrie Trapp, Mike Bub & John Gardner
guests - Sara Jarosz, Richard Bailey & Alex Hargrove

Walk Beside Me
Oh Suzanna
You Ate The Apple
River Driving
Gonna Try To Make Her Stay
California Blues
Cornbread Nation
Let's Go Huntin'
Space Between The Lines (with Sara Jarosz)
Not Afraid O' Dyin'
Letter In The Mail
Brother Wind
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burnin'
Encore: Look Down That Lonesome Road (w/Richard Bailey, Alex Hargrove & Sara Jarosz)
Colleen Malone
Blue Night (with Sara Jarosz)
Jambalaya (On The Bayou) > You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd

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by R & T