Lexington, MA 11/3/10 Hot Rize

I am trying to get 2 tickets for the 11/3/10 Hot Rize concert in Lexington, MA. It is supposed to be "sold out" but I wondered if anybody has any for sale, or knows a source? I spoke with Tim O'Brien at his Randolph VT concert on 10/1/10. and he said that a larger venue was being sought for that concert - does anyone know if this is true, or how I would find out if and when that happens?

Mark, As you probably know,


As you probably know, the Boston Bluegrass Union is presenting this show. They should be the ones who could tell you, if there's a chance it would be moved to a bigger venue. I don't have the answer unfortunately. Here's the BBU website: http://www.bbu.org/

And some other contact info:

Boston Bluegrass Union
BBU Hotline: 617-782-2251
PO Box 650061
West Newton, MA 02465-0061

Good luck, hope you can make the show.


by R & T