Grey Fox, Newport, and More Chickens

Since my last post:
I took in a little of Irish Arts Week at various venues in East Durham NY. Saw some of an open session with Jacky Daley and Matt Cranitch, a CD release concert with Joanie Madden and friends,

and another open session with piper Blackie O’Connell. Apparently the craic really starts at 1am at Furlongs, but I chose to get some sleep in preparation for Greyfox, which is just a few miles away. Greyfox rocked once more. Electrical storms can’t stop the fun – the Wilders gave 'em what they wanted under the dance tent, lightening be damned. Then to Rocky Grass. Really enjoyed the Horseflies and Junior Sisk. Junior and I got in a little singin’ late Sunday night in the campground. Then on to Knoxville for Tennessee Shines last Wednesday. The show was dedicated to John Hartford, with his old band: Chris Sharp, Bob Carlin, Matt Combs, and Mark Schatz. Plus John Cowan, Alison Brown, Dismembered Tennesseans, and me. I somehow missed it, but apparently a guy came out on stage during my set, riding a giant chicken.

Thursday night at Newport, Kit and I ate the best seafood at Scales, drove past the rich folks’ shacks, and then walked on the beach. Next day we went back to the beach, and ate chowda with Jim Rooney at Flo’s Clam Shack. He told us some stories from the old daze. The show that night was the festival kick off at the Casino, which is really the Tennis Hall of Fame, with its grass courts and venerable clubhouse built by Sanford and White. Steep Canyon Rangers backed up Steve Martin, and all five members ordered the lobster stuffed with scallops, shrimp, and (yes, it had to be) more lobster. Steve ordered the veggie burger, but changed to lobster salad when he saw mine. No pickin’ scene there, but it was a lovely evening concert. Then an early flight home to Nashville, an afternoon nap, and a show on the Grand Old Opry. Host Jim Ed Brown asked if I knew which came first. On that score, I’ve heard new reports from the science world that the Chicken was first. Comedians have known that for while.

Latest Chicken Sightings:
A Chicken & Egg keychain Mr. Sutton bought me at Into The Wind in Boulder. Check out the item called “Rubber Chicken Laying Egg Keychain” at A major bargain at $1.75. What you can’t see on the website: when you squeeze it, an egg (outside it’s shell) pops out of the bird.
Aforementioned man riding chicken at Knoxville’s Bijou Theater.
On the way to the Opry, I passed a giant chicken outside a new restaurant called Rooster’s on 8th Avenue.
Please report any chickens of interest on the forum.

Tune in Wednesday:
More WSM airtime coming this week. Tune in the Music City Roots – - about 7pm central time. I’ll be performing live with Mike Bub, Stuart Duncan, and Bryan Sutton, early in the show.

Department of Corrections:
I was wrong about Kyle Cantrell’s XM show. (Road journal: Mount Shasta report) There was a scheduling mix-up on July 13, but I did tape a “Track by Track” show with Kyle last week, and the show will air in early September. More info when it’s about to air.

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