Corrado Bouzouki

Corrado Giacomel, of Genoa, Italy, built this octave mandolin. I call it 'The Turtle.' Corrado makes great guitars and mandolins, as well as these fine octave mandolins. The scale length on this one is 20 inches from nut to bridge saddle. While many octave mandolins have a longer scale, which provides for tighter string tension and more volume, this one compensates by having a greater neck angle. The shorter scale also enables me to use mandolin fingering than I can't use on my other bouzouki/octave mandolins. Unlike my Nugget bouzouki, on which I string the two low pairs of strings in octaves, I string the courses on this instrument in unison. You can reach Corrado Giacomel at: Via Zamperini 48, 16010 S.Olcese-Genova, Italy. His website can be found here:

by R & T