Chicken & Egg

Space Between The Lines

There’s a little sparrow singin’ in a ring around around the sun
And I’m right here on the shoulder just stickin’ out my thumb
No one tells a bird to fly, they just jump and spread their wings
They fly south in the winter and then they come back in the spring Read more »

Mother Mary

Mother Mary, Mother take me, Mother Mary show me how
Leave my pain and separation, Mother take me with you now

You know trouble, you know sorrow, you have seen this all before
You have heard so many prayers, I ask you now to hear one more Read more »

Old Joe

Outside of town where the bodies are buried
The bodies are buried outside of town
They decorate the graves with the flowers they carry
The flowers they carry all scattered around Read more »

Letter In The Mail

I got your letter in the mail
Throwin off my sense of scale
I felt you touch my heart today Read more »

Not Afraid O' Dyin'

Not afraid of dyin, it’s just waitin around that’s wearin on me
Just breathin easy, it’s a whole lot harder than it used to be Read more »

No Way To Stop The Flow

Sortin' through my junk mail, pickin’ up all my scraps
Siftin’ through this deep pile, I’m checkin’ out all of my traps
Unpackin’ my suitcase but it’s already time to go Read more »


Workin on a building, workin in a mine
Workin on a railroad up and down the line
Workin on a river, workin on a boat Read more »

All I Want

All I want is, all I want is I wanna go back home
All I want is I wanna go back home
I’m gonna plant my feet down, never more to roam Read more »

The Sun Jumped Up

The sun jumped up in the middle of the east at five fifteen this morning
The wife jumped up to feed the kid at five fifteen this morning
The sun jumped up in the middle of the east Read more »

Gonna Try To Make Her Stay

Gonna wash the dishes and scrub the floor
All kinds of things I never did before
I thought she wasn’t comin home no more Read more »

by R & T